January 25, 2014


STEMpunk #4531 is halfway through build season! We are nearing the end of week three and have two weeks until a practice competition in Sussex. 
The build season officially ends on February 18th!


This week, rookie team members completed their programming of the Kit-of-Parts bot and were finally able to drive it around. They are excited to get to work on the real robot this coming week.

 Description: Macintosh HD:Users:nremaker:Downloads:IMG_5258.JPG


Our Programming Captain has been working on getting the robot vision processing up and running. He plans on developing a visual processing code in JavaScript, a programming language that is new to our team. This will hopefully allow us to use the camera on our robot during competition, a feature that we did not have last year.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:nremaker:Downloads:IMG_5278.JPGDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:nremaker:Downloads:IMG_5277.JPG


Communications/media has been busy making sure all of our team members complete and pass safety tests to use the shop equipment. In addition to photography, we have started to videotape our team activities in order to start planning for our Chairman’s Award submission. The Chairman’s Award is presented to the FIRST team judged to best exemplify the true meaning of the organization through creating partnerships among team participants, local schools, and the community. We also began making team buttons, which are a huge component of the FIRST culture. Teams hand out “team swag” at competitions to support each other. Last year, we gave away over 2,000 buttons at a single Regional Competition.

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Our mechanical team has begun building our robot frame now that we have it fully available as a CAD assembly.

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Nemo’s Flipper, our shooting component, is on hold in its third iteration while a few of our members figure out some hard math behind what angles should be used to create a maximum window of opportunity for shooting.

 Description: Macintosh HD:Users:nremaker:Downloads:IMG_5273.JPGDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:nremaker:Downloads:IMG_5268.JPG


Thank you for supporting the Lakeshore FIRST Robotics Program!
Kelsey Murzyn
Communications Captain
FIRST Team STEMpunk #4531