STEMpunk #4531 Build Log – Ultimate Ascent




Saturday 1/19/13

Programming - installed Labview onto a few more laptops and worked on re-imaging the cRIO

Electrical – wired the second power distro & electrical components onto a sheet of plexi

CAD – continued work on the drivetrain assembly & discussed options for file storage. Decided to have the updated version of Solidworks installed on a few school computers and use the Robotics network drive to store files and limit the same file to me modified by 1 person at a time without re-naming.

Mechanical – assembled Omni wheels with the center hub and began work on the main drivetrain assembly



Wednesday 1/16/13

Programming - Programed the robot to have skid-steer drive

CAD - Began working on the master drivetrain assembly

Marketing (Hannah) - created button logo

Business - Started created the time punch system

Mechanical - completed first belt shooter prototype



Monday 1/14/13

Electrical - Worked on fixing the problem we had on Saturday

Programming - Created a simple program to control the robot with joystick (arcade drive?)

CAD - Attempted to organize files and download file from Droid Rage (That's where we ran into the conversion problem). Uriah also implemented the naming conventions to keep files organized and easy to find throughout the season.

Mechanical - Worked on the belt shooter prototype.



Wednesday 1/9/13

Pugh Matrix to decide which pickup/loading system to prototype

-China Buffet (Conveyor to pickup and feed into hopper, then raises to    shooter)

-Teeter(pickup and shoot)

-Toter (pickup and feed into separate shooter)

-Slide to feed from feeder slot (last resort, can put on robot if all else fails)


Pugh Matrix showed the China Buffet is the best option


Discussed how to climb the tower (included hands on trials at playground)

1)   Portal Gun

2)   From Inside tower

3)   From outside


Monday 1/7/13

Continued discussion of game strategy:

            Robot NEEDS:

1) Autonomous scoring into ‘low’ goal

            2) Climb to 1st tier

            3) Pickup discs off the floor

            4) Shoot discs into low goal


Robot WANTS:

            1)Climb to 3rd tier

2)Score into 2nd goal



Pugh Matrix to decide which shooters to prototype

- 90 Degree Shooter

            -180 Degree Shooter

            -Belt Shooter

Decided to use the Darth Octavian Drive platform (6 wheel drive Front  & Rear  wheels = Omni, Middle 2 wheels = plaxion)                



Saturday 1/5/13

2013 game, Ultimate Ascent is unveiled

Summarize game rules

Decide game strategy (defense or offense, importance of climbing vs shooting)


Defensive Strategies

- Starvation (We would keep one “pusher robot” at their scoring stations)

- Blocking from Scoring Area/Passing through Field

- Blocking from Tower in End Game???  As long as not touching the pyramid (once climbing can’t touch them)

- Feed your teammates by throwing it across the court


Offensive Strategies

- Autonomous – Holding three outside of the

- Dunking Robot – Climb robot to top and dunk 4 colored discs

50   points if successful

- Repeatable Long shot is out due to defenders in our path

- Shooting Robot Against Pyramid for repeatable positioning

- Dump Robot for single points????


Systems on the Robot

Š       Platform

Š       Pickup off of floor

Š       Load from above into storage

Š       Store 4 Discs

Š       Shoot Discs

Š       Vision System